Abstract thinking for daydreamers.

Born in France, created in Scotland

walac. is a Glasgow based design studio created by French multi-disciplinary artist and designer Camille Arnould Walachowski.


The studio focuses on building stories through shape, materiality, and their relationship to space.

The studio offers collectible and melancholic design taking its inspiration from different realities, such as, metaphysic, surrealism, brutalism spreading into architecture, literature, science and art.

walac. designs are emotional responses making room by reconstructing micro-events mentally formulated from details experience. Their assembly and constellations create new possible spaces and, as a progression, can create discursive meanings.

Handcrafted in the studio, our architectural medallions want to weave stories between design, sculpture, and architecture.

Giving a contemporary twist to old-fashioned ceiling medallions, they help you redesign your ever-evolving inner world.