Medallions of dream


Médaillons de rêve
Written by french poet, Adeline Duong.


Inhabiting a house is a complex thing. In everyday life, the more this act seems natural and the more the occupation is successful. There is the care to the household, objects, and flowers. And then, there is the secret care the house should administer to us in return.

Everywhere, the eye is looking for a dormer. It is a natural motion toward mechanic solace.

The house should disappear, the same way we are disappearing in this maintenance. Not being a weight for each other anymore. Get through each other in silence. The house should disappear to allow us to look inside ourselves, where the magic begins, and can never entirely happen.

We carry the burden of this magic interrupted at birth.

If inhabiting a house is a complex thing, inhabit and explore its own inner sky is a dizzy thing. Everywhere, the eye is looking for a dormer. It is a natural motion toward mechanic solace. We are in the television, computers, and cell phones, well sheltered, but we would never speak enough of these shelters built for lonely souls and souls at all, these heartening screens that can throw us into the world as well, which make me speak to you today.

When Camille landed her cold and carnal medallions against the wall and told me about floe and wholly clear sky, I understood she found another possible dormer. A brand new support for the magic to come. Her ceiling or wall medallion to screw, to move and to set as new free screens appeared as blatancy in front of the void.  

We were on the same page for a long time: the house could be a starting point.

The creation of these medallions is not a coincidence: it is a continuity. Camille wants to allow us to take our thinking further. These celestial portals to collect are as many windows to cherish and to think. Their patterns are pretexts and accidents. I look through them and I see my whole self.

I see the field of possibilities around me.

I tell myself she may have found a way to make the house transparent and our desires apparent. Like the sparkling jewel this manga heroine wore at her forehead and made her life more powerful and more lucid. To us too, it would take a look at the medallion to find our secret powers. A prolonged contemplation of these medallions would complete the separation of reality and dream.

I would have a privileged escape route for my thoughts and I will not run away from myself anymore.