Polar Tales

Explore the world from the inside.


When you can feel a breeze of Baltic air passing through the summer warm and realise there could be a world standing somewhere close. You cannot see it yet but you know it exists.

The Polar collection is the first architectural medallions collection of walac. studio. They aim to rediscover unexplored corners of rooms and bring a new idea of landscape. With a specially designed fixture, the ceiling medallion 2.0 is collectible, eclectic, removable.  

The collection has been built from the memories of clear summer nights staring at the sky in Brittany, the Alps or the epic scenery of the Scottish highlands. Far from the city when the only lights are the one from the stars. Back in the city, it is in observatories we pretend this memory is still alive. From what we cannot see, we go beyond. 

I asked my friend the French poet Adeline Duong, known as La nuit en vitrine (The night front window) to meet with the Polar collection and she came out with the poem Intérieur Polaire

My ceiling is the sky opened to the rest of the world – my ceiling is digging under my eyes.

I will put the medallion in the centre to fix my thoughts. I will take my bed for a solitary island and this solitary island for a heavy ice floe. On the ice, we see the images better. Lying down on a planetarium floor like a kid, alone. I will do an angel in my head. Arms and legs stretched out.

I will not move until the medallion closes on my brain. Gentle and in spirit. Geometric and structure-less fascination. The contour of each dream will bear my imprint, and will not: I will let myself be overpassed by the images. I will step over them progressively as I observe. I will be really here. Lying down all along.

The medallion will turn white to black to navy blue – one colour at the time. Me, I will continue to stay awake inside the dream, screwed to what does not exist yet.
— La nuit en vitrine
walac. design studio wall and ceiling removable medallions polar collection